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Week commencing Monday 20th November 2023

This Week

Monday 20th                    2.30pm                        Monday Fellowship – Joe King (West Hall)

Monday 20th                7.30pm                        Eventide Trustees

Tuesday 21st               10.00am                      Parents and Toddlers (Lower Hall)

Tuesday 21st               2.00pm                        Housegroup (The Key)

Tuesday 21st               7.30pm                        Housegroups

Wednesday 22nd         10.00am                      Finishing Time (The Key)

Thursday 23rd              10.30am                      Prayer Meeting (The Key)

Sunday 26th                 10.30am                      Gift Service led by David Brice

Sunday 26th                 7.00pm                        Pride & Perjury – The Jonathan Aitken Story (The Key)


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